Here’s a Unisex Condom That Offers Total Protection

And it can be used twice!

Condoms can only be for male or for female but never both – until now.

A Malaysian gynaecologist named Dr. John Teo has developed a revolutionary unisex condom that promises total protection. Called Wondaleaf, it is regarded as a ‘Class A’ medical device product.

As reported by Malaysian Digest, Wondaleaf is ultra-thin at only 20 microns thick, almost one fourth the thickness of a regular condom. It is made from polyurethane, which is claimed to be stronger and thinner than latex.

Wondaleaf works with the females by inserting it into the vagina. It has an extended adhesive shield that covers the entire external genitalia. With the males, it also covers the penis, the scrotum, and even the pubic hair.

Not only does this offer sexual protection to both sexes, it can also be used twice.

Source: Free Malaysia Today

Dr. Teo acknowledges one main drawback of the condom he designed as stated by a woman who had tried it: removing it can be extremely painful.

He suggests that the users of this condom be used with cream over the pubic hair before placing it on. Dr. Teo was quoted in the report, “The cream used can be any cream, from lubricants to Johnson & Johnson’s baby cream.”

The woman who tried the unisex condom pointed out that the condom was strong and durable and offered protection. However, she and the man she used it with have described the experience to be a ‘hassle’, having to watch a video first before putting it into test. She wishes it had detailed instructions in its packaging.

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She tells that her experience with Wondaleaf was uncomfortable, especially that it did not come with any lube. Dr. Teo has noted this and looks to rectify the design of the condom.

Wondaleaf is not ready for commercialization and is only produced locally. It can be bought for RM8 or about 1.82 USD.

Using condoms needs to be a matter of public awareness in Malaysia. A report by Durex called “Face of Global Sex Report 2012” stated that only 54% of Malaysians used protection when having their first sexual intercourse.

Source: Free Malaysia Today

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Here’s a Unisex Condom That Offers Total Protection

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