MIT Engineers are Converting Waste Gas Emissions into Liquid Fuel

MIT researchers have found a way to convert exhaust emissions to oil using bacteria.

(Source: MIT)

Another great innovation that will protect our environment. These MIT engineers are converting waste gas emissions back to oil.

The feat of turning waste gas into liquid fuel has been successfully trialled in a test plant in China. It could open more opportunities in turning emissions of power stations, steel mills and garbage dumps into liquid fuels, all thanks to Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) researchers.

Source: Jon Woo/REUTERS

This innovation relies on bacteria that convert the waste gases into acetic acid, or popularly called as vinegar, then an engineered yeast to produce an oil. A pilot test ran in Shanghai in September of 2015, with only 1 to 2 liters in the laboratory. It will be different story now if it is moved upscale to a thousand liters in the demonstration plant which is set to be constructed in Belgium and in China come 2017.

Source: MIT

The idea sprouted from a post-doctoral project funded by the US Energy Department. This will forward low-cost gases, and more importantly, it came from emissions that are supposedly waste.

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MIT Engineers are Converting Waste Gas Emissions into Liquid Fuel

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