This Condensation Machine Converts Water Out of Thin Air

The air you breathe can be transformed into water using this condensation machine.

Water-Gen condensation machine

The concept of condensation, that is the conversion of the physical state of matter from gas to liquid, is taught in basic science subjects. But a company called Water-Gen is taking this concept a step further and developed a machine that can convert gas, in the form of air, to liquid.

That’s basically getting water out of nothing. Water-Gen uses a system that optimizes condensation through a set of plastic “leaves” to funnel air in various directions. The machine, named after its company, only needs to have a power source to function.

Source: Water-Gen

Water-Gen’s founder and co-CEO Arye Kohavi said that their target is to extract water from the air with minimum energy. He said, “We think our solution can solve the problem on the level of countries. It’s an immediate solution — governments don’t need to spend decades to make a big project.”

Source: Water-Gen

There are 3 sizes of water generators used by the company. Given 80 degrees and 60% humidity, the biggest can provide 825 gallons per day; with medium one able to generate 118 gallons per day and the smallest with 4 gallons per day. Kohavi said that their systems are easily scalable.

Source: Water-Gen

Its founders are looking at two key areas wherein they could implement their technology: those that do not have drinkable tap water and those that are warm and humid. But Kohavi explains that both conditions often overlap, like in Latin America, Southeast Asia, and Africa, so selecting sites wouldn’t be so much of a problem.

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Tests are underway in Mumbai, Shanghai, and Mexico City and other rural locations.

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This Condensation Machine Converts Water Out of Thin Air

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