Zuckerberg To Reveal Personal Home Control Artificial Intelligence

‘One of the perks of being an engineer,’ said Zuckerberg on the topic of his new AI butler

Mark Zuckerberg

After seeing the Iron Man movie, we’ve all been yearning for our very own JARVIS. Imagine waking up to a home managed by an Artificial Intelligence. It could help you sort out your emails, answer your door, and even make you toast. This concept is what Mark Zuckerberg, founder of Facebook, chose as his next challenge. The announcement of his personal AI butler (that even his wife does not have access to) will be set out next month, September 2016.

Source: Facebook Newsroom

Zuckerberg created an AI butler that allows him to control every aspect of his home. The AI is developed using software being created inside Facebook. It’s wired to everything inside his home, even on his toaster. Zuckerberg exclaimed that it wasn’t the preparation of the toast that was challenging, it was how to tell the toaster when to make it.

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Zuckerberg To Reveal Personal Home Control Artificial Intelligence

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