How Asian Countries Will Be Like If They Were Students in an Engineering College

Asian Engineering College: Which country performs best? Which country is the dumbest?

Imagine having an engineering college with the different Asian countries represented. That class, let’s say, is composed of countries Afghanistan, Brunei, China, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, North Korea, Pakistan, Philippines, Russia, Singapore, South Korea, Thailand, and United Arab Emirates. How do you think that engineering college will be like?

The seating arrangement may be like this: Afghanistan and Pakistan are seated at the back; directly in front of them are Singapore, Indonesia and Malaysia; across the three are Philippines, Brunei and Thailand; South Korea and North Korea are in the same row but gapped with three seats; while China, India, Russia and United Arab Emirates are scattered in the classroom by themselves with no seatmates.

Afghanistan and Pakistan

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The “-stans” are there in the last row for a reason. They are the least performing in the class and are always late. Clad in their Punjabi clothing, they are the bullies of the class. They always pick on United Arab Emirates and China, among the others for their unique abilities.

United Arab Emirates

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UAE is in the second row, alone. He is a complete package: one of the most attractive man in the class and one of the best-performing when it comes to recitation and exams. He strikes to be the best engineer someday in all of the class that’s why his classmates are intimidated with him.

Philippines, Brunei and Thailand

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These engineering students are the only girls in the class, so needless to say that they are the prettiest of them all. Everyone has a crush on these three because they look exotic. But they are also smart! Philippines joins the top three highest scores when it comes to exams, with Brunei and Thailand just behind. They know the most calculator techniques and shortcuts. They are also complete with books and notebooks. Beauties and brains indeed.

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He is probably the most interesting person. He is smart – he knows it – but he doesn’t study so he doesn’t perform so well in class. He cuts his classes sometimes too when he feels like doing it. He is the kind that goes out to grab a drink thrice a week, and even attends class intoxicated. But he still manages to pass with his innate abilities. One of a kind.

Indonesia and Malaysia

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Both are the struggling engineering students. They try to be the best, with the perfect attendance and complete with requirements; but they always fall short. They have tutors who help them to no end but somehow, sheer bad luck always gets along in the way. There’s no doubt they will become best engineers with their hardwork – they just need to shrug off the bad spell.

South Korea and North Korea

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They are actually twins who got into an unresolved fight. Both started in engineering as very close, until South Korea noticed that North Korea became so controlling over him so their relationship faded away. They stopped talking with each other. They are the average engineering students who get good and bad grades. North Korea holds a better promise though, for wanting to prove over South Korea that he will succeed more as an engineer someday.

Russia at Engineering College

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The ultimate force (literal) to be reckoned with, Russia is that one engineering student who goes to the gym in his free time, and even becomes absent for the gains. He is extremely vain, too. He doesn’t bring any notes and pen with him at all in class and just asks for everything from his classmates. He cheats his way to the exams sometimes. Perhaps he is the most relaxed in the class, but not necessarily the dumbest.

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China at Engineering College

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Hands down, China is relatively the best in maths. He doesn’t use a calculator only when the needed the most: China performs every calculation mentally or manually. He has his moments in class being commended for such ability, and loved by his classmates for it; but his confidence in not using calculators takes its toll during exams. There’s always the margin of error that his mind commits just in the exams. It must be the nerve.

India at Engineering College

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The jack of all trades, master of none. He is still confused if engineering is really for him but since he’s already in it, he has to finish the course. But undoubtedly he has the capacity to become an engineer given his exam scores and class performance, he’s just unsure if it’s the field that is really for him.

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How Asian Countries Will Be Like If They Were Students in an Engineering College

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