Boy Wonder Took Engineering University at Age 12

He was admitted to Cornell Engineering with an exceptional SAT score.

Most colleges do not accept underage students to pursue courses like engineering. But separate Cornell University from the rest, who just accepted a 12-year-old kid as one of its students. Great Engineering University!

Following the footsteps of his parents Andy and Harrey who are aerospace engineers, boy wonder Jeremy Shuler wants to major in applied and engineering physics and minor in mathematics. He is planning to take courses in multi-variable calculus, physics in mechanics and spatial relativity, Introduction to Computing with MATLAB, and even introduction to linguistics or intermediate Latin if his Latin placement test results permit him.

Source: Texas Tech University
Source: Texas Tech University (An Engineering University)

Dean Lance Collins of Cornell Engineering believes that the kid is ready to embark on this challenge. “We have accepted Jeremy into our undergraduate program here at Cornell Engineering. He is a very advanced student for his age who already has demonstrated an incredible ability to learn at the collegiate level.” The dean thinks that this is unusual but the strong support of Jeremy’s parents and his unusual talent and thirst for knowledge will help him take advantage of what Cornell has to offer.

Source: Texas Tech University (An Engineering University)

At age 12 already in an Ivy League school, he can earn his doctorate degree before he turns 21. By then, he’ll be able to share his math and physics expertise in the academe which he plans to pursue doing.

More than just being able to enter Cornell, one of Jeremy’s biggest achievements (so far) is his SAT and advanced placement (AP) exam score: he placed in the 99.6 percentile for all college-bound seniors in 2014, when he was just 10 years old. The kid also took seven AP exams and aced all of them, which earned him college credits in calculus, chemistry, mechanics, electricity and magnetism, statistics, microeconomics and macroeconomics.

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Jeremy can’t wait to be part of Cornell Engineering’s class of 2020.


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Boy Wonder Took Engineering University at Age 12

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