Confessions: Engineering Thesis Now, Love Life Later

So, for any broken-hearted engineering students out there, use that pain to motivate yourselves to get good grades and survive thesis.

Engineering Thesis Now, Love Life Later

I was dating someone on my last year in engineering school. I really thought things were doing great given that we always liked to hang out with each other all the time. We were from two different courses but we belonged in the same department, so we often saw each other when we didn’t have any classes. Unfortunately, on my last year as an engineering student, I was overwhelmed with my load that my relationship with him suffered.

We were together for six months and when I started focusing on my thesis, I saw him less than the usual because I always had to meet up with my groupmates to discuss what we were working on. I was often assigned to deal with the laboratory permits so I had to go to different places just to get permission to use not only certain laboratories, but also, certain equipment in each lab. What used to be nights filled with coffee dates and study sessions with him turned into overnight laboratory experiments with my groupmates. As time went by, I didn’t realize that he suddenly turned cold to me.

We were hanging out less and I noticed that he was always with his friends, drinking and partying (he was slightly younger than me and he never really took his studies seriously). Later on, I would see comments from his friends teasing him about the girls they meet whenever they go out. I knew there was something shady going on. Until one night, one of our common friends confessed that the guy I was with was cheating on me. Of course, just like any girl who got cheated on by the guy she thought she loved, I broke things off immediately.

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Source: Giphy (Engineering Thesis Now, Love Life Later)

Unfortunately, I was also a graduating engineering student and I had a thesis I needed to focus on. The time to feel bad about the breakup was cut short. Instead, I channeled all my energy to my thesis. We were given one year to finish the task at hand and I was definitely motivated to get the hell out of college already. So, I focused on my academics, especially our thesis. There were times when I would get mad at the cheating ex but I remember I couldn’t do that and work on our thesis as well.

I took the high road and used all that bitterness to get good results for our thesis. When there were lonely nights when I asked myself if I did something wrong in the relationship, I would shut that thought out and do more research instead. I spent most of my time in school in classrooms and laborites just to avoid seeing him. I made sure I’d survive this awful breakup, get good grades and finish thesis.

And I did.

We were able to finish our thesis and present it to our advisors. Surprisingly, we got the highest mark in our class for that school year. I still felt awful about the breakup back then but I managed to finish my thesis with good grades and eventually got my diploma. I finally graduated and I felt a lot better after that. I really did.

Source: Giphy (Engineering Thesis Now, Love Life Later)

So, for any broken-hearted engineering students out there, use that pain to motivate yourselves to get good grades. For those taking their thesis this semester, get inspired. I realized I made the right choice of breaking things off with him instead of making it work with him. I didn’t deserve getting cheated on. No one does. And thank goodness I had a thesis that distracted me from it – which eventually was my ticket to graduation, yehey! You don’t need to have a love life right now. Focus on your academics first.

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Thesis now, love life later.

Source: Giphy (Engineering Thesis Now, Love Life Later)

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Confessions: Engineering Thesis Now, Love Life Later

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