Confessions: I Got Drunk During Engineering Finals

I’ll see you next semester, sir

Engineering Finals

While it may be cool for most engineering students to go to class drunk, it is always frowned upon by institutions. If you’re unlucky to get caught, you might even get suspended from your program. Of course, nobody wants that to happen but in my case, I got really wasted one time when I took a final exam in one of my major classes.

It was my third year in the industrial engineering program and I must say I was having a blast that year. My classes were relatively easy for my standards so I never really studied hard for any of my classes. My classmates would consider me as the smart kid in class but I just thought I was lucky. So there I was, surviving in engineering school while going to parties and getting drunk almost everyday.

By the end of the semester, my professors showed us a schedule of the final exams we were supposed to take. I thought, “Oh cool. I can still go to this drinking session with my close friends next week. It’s going to be epic!” But as fate would have it, I forgot to check my email one day and missed one of my professors message that we’ll be moving the exam earlier (on the day that I was drinking hard with friends early in the afternoon). We normally start drinking at 4pm. So when my classmate called me at 7pm to ask for a copy of my notes, I started panicking. Why would he want a copy of my notes when the test is still a week away.

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I was clearly doomed in that moment as my classmate told me that we had a test in one hour. I was already drunk that time so I could only focus on how to get there without vomiting on the way. I swear it was such a horrible experience as my friends brought me to school while laughing at my expense. We got to the testing room pretty fast since I still had thirty minutes to prepare for the exam.

I felt different emotions that time. I was feeling nauseous and scared of what might show up in the exam. I couldn’t focus at all and though I asked my classmates what will happen if I tell my professor I was sick, they really wouldn’t help me come up with the perfect excuse. I was drunk and I was stupid for not checking on my emails, that’s what they said. So as I sat in the room trying my best not to vomit, I could feel my classmates silently judging me for getting drunk during finals.

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It was funny though. When my professor arrived and started handing out the exam, I could feel myself trying to get a hold of my disposition. I needed to at least appear sober in front of my professor and it worked surprisingly. The exam was three hours long and I knew I could finish the exam in just two hours so I decided to close my eyes for a bit.

Someone suddenly started tapping me hard. I was surprised to see that nobody was in the room anymore except my professor. My professor was obviously not pleased with what he just witnessed and it dawned on me that I was asleep throughout the exam. I just wiped the saliva coming out of my mouth and smiled at my professor. I knew what will happen to me and I just wanted to get out of the room.

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So I picked up my stuff and told my professor, “I’ll see you next semester, sir.”

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Confessions: I Got Drunk During Engineering Finals

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