Engineering College is Always Complicated

Suddenly, I couldn’t keep up with the lessons anymore.

I was so good in math and science back in high school. I always had high scores in exams and there was never a lesson that I had a hard time dealing with. So it led me to thinking that engineering college would be easy just like counting 123. I thought that if I understood the basics of calculus and knew my way around computers, I could survive the computer engineering program in our school.

My first year in the degree program was exciting. I was able to catch up on the lessons easily. I would even cut classes because hey, I’m that smart. I could still get straight A’s in every class I had without putting too much effort. I was having fun being the typical college kid you normally see in movies. Unfortunately, things took a different turn when I entered the second semester of engineering on my second year.

Suddenly, I couldn’t keep up with the lessons anymore. I couldn’t even get a decent grade in any of my subjects. My friends expressed their concern on my slipping grades. I also didn’t know what was going on. How could I go from an A student into a failure? I kept asking myself what happened?

Engineering College is Always Complicated (Photo credit: Giphy)

Later on, I tried exerting more effort in class. I avoided cutting classes and I paid attention to my professors all the time. I did my best to make up in any group reports and assignments just to pull my grades up. Somehow, all the effort paid off. I was able to improve my academic standing. I didn’t get an A in my major subjects by that time but I was able to stay in the competitive program. Knowing that I’d be safe from getting kicked out, I took a “break” from it all. I started to chill again for a bit in my classes the following semester.

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It was a mistake really. When I didn’t study hard in the first semester of my third year in the program, I got my first F in my college life. It really hurt a lot but I could only blame myself for allowing myself to be lazy again. That really sucks. So now, as I prepare myself for a brand new semester (with plans of re-taking the subject I flunked last semester). I am ready to take on new challenges. I am ready to get good grades again.

Engineering College is Always Complicated (Photo credit: Giphy)

I initially thought that engineering life is complicated but I realized that the technique in surviving this tough competitive program is to keep working hard to pass all my subjects. There are days when I am truly tired of studying but I got to keep holding on to my dream that one day, I’ll be an engineer.

Hina Sapra

Content Writer, South Asia.Hina is a former news correspondent at Times of India

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Engineering College is Always Complicated

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