Engineering Student Problems: “I’m Out of the Dean’s List”

“That means I lost my scholarship.”

“Grades don’t matter in the real world!”

I’ve seen that quote multiple times already, and in different forms. Sometimes, it goes, “Grades don’t measure intelligence” or “Your GPA can only take you so far”. Well, it’s true. But I wish can reason that out to the head of the scholarship office.

That’s because I have a scholarship to maintain. I entered engineering school with a full scholarship (and with book allowance). For two years, I used it. And it was not easy to keep up with my subjects. I managed, until I reached my limit.

That was it. Two years. I can’t continue to avail that scholarship anymore because of a low grade I had in Strength Materials.

I knew this day would come because some of my seniors shared to me about the same fate. They were also scholars but eventually lost their scholarships. There was already caution from them early in my freshmen year, but damn it. Engineering is just so hard.

It was already nearing finals in my Strength of Materials subject that I realized that I could not afford to keep my scholarship anymore. I went to my professor if what grade I need to take in my last subject exam to maintain my scholarship, and he said 90%.

At that moment, it seemed impossible. The subject confused me a lot, perhaps because I was shocked about the new style of my teacher. I did not adjust enough to get a good grade, but only enough to pass the subject.

There was nothing I could do about it anymore. Other than losing my scholarship, I was out of the dean’s list for the first time. It was very frustrating. When I felt hopeless about my Strength of Materials finals, all my other subjects also suffered. I knew I could do better but I have already failed myself.

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But I’m still positive about making it as an honor graduate if I persevere in my subjects later. It’s just that I could not stand the feeling of giving my parents this financial burden.

Engineering school is ridiculously expensive with all the laboratory fees. And I am ashamed of having to make my family spend for my education when I could make it free the entire college. That’s why getting good grades mattered so much to me.

Anyway, it’s time to move on. I just wanted to rant. That one subject might have removed my scholarship and in the dean’s list, but not my hopes to finish engineering with flying colors. That’s still possible.

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Engineering Student Problems: “I’m Out of the Dean’s List”

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