Engineering Student Problems: Subject Teacher is Too Easy

In engineering school, we all have that one teacher who makes our college life a little more bearable by not making the subject hard.

Much has been said about difficult teachers in engineering college. Yeah, they make our college life hell and give us different kinds of academic torture. But no one ever bats an eye on engineering teachers who are way too easy, because, well, engineering students have nothing to complain about them. Because who doesn’t want an easy teacher?

But what most future engineers do not realize is that those teachers who make our college life way too easy are also critical in our learning process. Some may say that I am stupid for pointing out this, but hear me out first.

I suppose we all have that one engineering teacher who makes our college life a little more bearable by not making the subject hard. That teacher doesn’t give so much quizzes, doesn’t require so many requirements, doesn’t give a damn about the class attendance, and doesn’t encourage class participation. Worst case, that teacher allows cheating during major exams. That’s my definition of ‘way too easy.’


Don’t the engineering students realize there is a toll that comes with this later on? Don’t the engineering students think that this is a compromise of the engineering education they deserve?

The tendency of being too relaxed with the subject is to forget, or worst, miss, about important information required in the engineering field. When there are no quizzes, requirements, class attendance and class participation, how does that teacher intend his or her students to really learn engineering? There is no learning with the students at all because education is not given utmost priority by the teacher.

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Nobody should ever be allowed to teach engineering when he or she doesn’t contribute at all to the professional growth of the students. This kind of shortcomings by the teachers should never be tolerated. There is no shortcut in learning engineering but to go through the difficulties that comes along with the course, even if it means going through hell. The best teachers are those that engage the students with as much activities included in the syllabus.


This kind of engineering student problem is only for those who are concerned of their future career, those who think that they have be prepared to be an engineer once they get out of college. If you are an engineering student and this doesn’t bother you at all, you need to re-assess your career decision.

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Engineering Student Problems: Subject Teacher is Too Easy

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