Engineers, Follow These Habits If You Don’t Want To Burn Out

The best way to not be burned out is to make sure it never happens in the first place

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Life as a working engineer or an engineering student is never easy. You always have to work extra hard, making sure all your calculations are precise to the 6th decimal, and you have to deal with so many projects at the same time. At that point in time, it’s pretty easy to feel burned out. But when we do get burned out, how do we cope? How do we get back from that state and get back to work, because there’s still more things to do?

Well, it might be different from person to person, but here are the things they all have in common in order to be able to recharge:

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1)      Silence – Finding a nice, quiet place where you don’t need to talk or do anything will give you peace of mind and help you relax.

2)      Literally do nothing – Turn off your phone. Sit on your couch. Watch the clouds on your veranda. Relax.

3)      Write it down – Keeping a journal sometimes helps others cope.

4)      Interact with people – talking to people not only allows you to reconnect with friends, but also makes you have fun, laugh, and be distracted.

And, well, what do we do to make sure we never get burned out again? Well, these might help:

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1)      Set (better) boundaries – Set a strict rule to give yourself a break. Make sure your lunch and office breaks are always free. Leave the office and stroll around town during lunch. Don’t work on the weekends (when it really isn’t necessary).

2)      Take a break from technology – Turn off your phone, computer, gaming device, etc. Spend at least some of your free time away from technology.

3)      Get yourself a creative hobby – Sing. Dance. Write. Paint. Play an instrument. Anything that you’ll enjoy and allow you to be creative.

4)      Relax – Make your mind go blank. Meditate. Take a shower.

5)      Exercise – Jog, swim, do yoga. Anything to keep your body moving.

6)      Eat well – Your body will love you for feeding it fresh, healthy, and unprocessed foods.

7)      Sleep well – Take a nap. Go to bed early. Never stay up. Your brain needs to recharge properly.

8)      Laugh – Find what makes you laugh. It releases endorphins in your brain and makes you feel happy and energized.

The best solution to feeling burned out is to make sure you never get burned out in the first place. Make it a habit and integrate them in your life. Always remember to take a break.

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Engineers, Follow These Habits If You Don’t Want To Burn Out

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