An Engineering Student’s Guide To Shifting Courses

If there’s one thing everyone must learn to accept in life, it’s change.

If there’s one thing everyone must learn to accept in life, it’s change. Everything is dynamic and changing nowadays. We can see it in technology, with our careers, relationships, and even in university. When you attend a university, there will be times when you’ll question the course you’ve taken. You’ll have that feeling where you want to change courses. It might be because you’ve realized that the course you initially chose isn’t really your passion, or maybe because you find your current course too difficult to handle, or maybe you’re too bored and want a change. Whatever your choice is, it’s important to be ready once you make your decision. Here are some steps that may help you out.

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Ask for advice from experts in the new field

If you know someone whose profession is in the field where you want to shift to, it’s a good idea to consult them. Ask for advice whether it be about the course itself, or the jobs you could get in the future. You could also ask about the pros and cons of taking that course.

In addition to talking to experts, don’t forget to do you own research as well. Everything is available on the internet nowadays, so go ahead and search all about the course you plan to shift to.

Consult your University guidance counselor

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Once you’ve done your research, it may be a good idea to talk to your guidance counselor, this way you’ll know how to clear your goals and decide on the best career path you would take.

Ask for assistance from your University registrar

Once you’re completely decided, it’s time to go to the university registrar (go to both registrars if you’re going to shift to a different university). Ask the process on how you can shift courses, make sure you know all the requirements needed.

Look for similar subjects that can be accredited

If you’re going to shift from one engineering field to another, then most likely, most of your basic mathematics subjects will be carried to the new field of your course so you don’t need to repeat them. This is why it’s important to check which subjects can be accredited from your previous course to the next.

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An Engineering Student’s Guide To Shifting Courses

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