It Gets Harder After Passing The Licensure Exam

Most of you think that passing the licensure exam and getting that title “Engr.” next to your name would give you the ticket to the express lane to success.

If you thought that college was tough, you know how tougher it would be to take the licensure exam. It’s the culmination event of your college life and it will actually test your knowledge of your course. The preparation is too damn hard and your professors and instructors would remind you to study your asses off. You, of course, would do your best to pass it because you want to make your parents proud and eventually find a job. It’s the hardest exam you’ll ever be taking in your entire college experience and you’ll need all the luck you need.

Unfortunately, passing it won’t make your life easier. Most of you think that passing the licensure exam and getting that title “Engr.” next to your name would give you the ticket to the express lane to success. Sorry to break it to you but it definitely won’t. The truth may hurt but life gets harder after you pass the licensure exam.

Just like any other person who recently graduated, facing reality and being an actual adult would hit you big time. It may break your heart to realize how hard it is to finally get out of college and make things work on your own. This shouldn’t be different for engineering students who recently passed the licensure exam. Being an engineer doesn’t entitle you to easily reach success. Not only will it be hard for new engineers to find a job that pays the bills, it’s hard to prove your worth as an engineer.

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Being part of this prestigious profession is something engineers should be proud of but it also means one should work hard to get the respect people normally give to engineers.

Passing the licensure will sound easy once you get exposed to the harsh realities of competing for a position in a company, paying the bills, supporting one’s family and paying taxes. Being an adult means you have to do things you just hate doing. Being an engineer on the field will make you realize that all the ideal situations our professors taught us back in college will never really happen in real life. Once you become engineers, you’ll definitely wish you could go back to school… and to your parents’ home.

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Taking the licensure exam will look easy once you realize how more complicated the world is once you get out of college. Each day, you will be reminded that life is unfair and no matter how hard you work, things may never work out for you in certain situations. But this doesn’t mean you no longer have to work hard, you still do.

So here’s an advice I give to you: Enjoy your college experience while it lasts. Don’t take everything for granted and take the time to breathe it all in, make a lot of memories with your friends and spend more time with your families. I’m telling you, once you pass that licensure exam, there is no turning back – you will have to find a job, start paying the bills and breaking the rules may have life-altering consequences.

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It Gets Harder After Passing The Licensure Exam

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