How Graduating Engineering Students Can Prepare For Their First Job

There is still something you can do to increase employability.

We once wrote an article about engineering students finding themselves lost on their graduating year and even after graduation. That they feel they are not prepared to become engineering professionals in the real world.

Many relate themselves to that article. The feeling of being unprepared for their first engineering jobs is indeed common.

But if you are one of those graduating engineering students, there is still something you can do to increase employability. Here are tips:

Know your strengths and weaknesses

This is to prepare you for the regular question in job interviews, “Tell us about yourself.” Being inexperienced, you can only highlight your strengths such as skills. At the same time, you should identify your weaknesses so you could work on them while still being in your final year as an engineering student.

Take advantage of academic projects

Engineers should be good at practical skills, and one of the best ways, if not the best, is through showcasing your best academic-related projects. Your last year in engineering school often involves a thesis requirement or project study — that is your chance to practice your technical skills.

Be tech savvy

Regardless of which course you take, when engineering students know what’s up with the latest trends, you will never get behind. This is worked on by keeping yourself updated through books, blogs, and news to expand knowledge base.

Acquire practical experience

Most engineering curriculum require students to have internships or on-the-job trainings before they graduate. Grab that chance to learn as much as possible related to your field. You can also take trainings and workshops to enhance your skills.

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Review, review, review

There are knowledge from your early college years that will be forgotten later. You need to brush up on that because many hiring managers check if you are strong in fundamental concepts.

Learn how to communicate

Communication skills is a key competency for engineers other than technical skills. If you are not involved in college organizations or not holding any leadership roles as an engineering student, you have to practice this non-technical skill.

Expand your network

Make sure to connect with your professors and your college alumni so that you will not a have hard time finding jobs later on. Even before graduating in college, you should keep a list of networks that will open up opportunities in the future.

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How Graduating Engineering Students Can Prepare For Their First Job

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