How to Write A High School Essay

Writing a high school essay is a basic skill that every student needs to succeed in this system

High School Essay


Writing a high school essay is a basic skill that every student needs to succeed in this system. Due to this reason, most students are looking for a guide that can help them to write effective and marks gaining college essays.

As a student, you may well familiar with the fact that there is great competition among students. Everyone is trying hard to achieve their goals and targets. They are even working extra on their weak areas to improve them.

A few weeks ago, I met some students and learned that nowadays, most students are struggling with their essay writing skills. They are losing their grades because they are unable to create worth reading and effective pieces of paper to impressive their target audience. I was wondering how college students are unable to produce essays. To learn about it, I conduct research and visited different colleges and interviewed students. I was amazed to know that at least 50% of students are struggling with essay writing skills. The one thing that I concluded that it is happening because most students are starting college with poor writing skills. Their school teachers are not focusing on their writing skills due to which they are struggling with it.

So I decided to help such students who are looking for writing tips to improve their essay writing. Below are some effective tips that will surely help you to create a mark gaining essay.

1.      Topic Understanding

Most students overlook the importance of topic understanding. For me, the first thing that is required to write worth reading and research essay is to understand the topic demand.

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Do you think without knowing the actual meaning of the essay topic and its requirement, you will be able to collect data to write on it? So first discuss your topic with more than at least three classmates or seniors and understand its literal meaning then start work on it.

2.      Create an Outline

You may underestimate the importance of creating an outline, but in actual outline is everything. Creating an outline means you are organizing your thoughts.

Jot down all your thoughts on paper, write all the important points, and information, so you do not miss any of them. An outline serves as the foundation of your essay. Use either a diagram or outline to jot down your thoughts and organize them.

3.      Thesis Statement

After topic understanding and outlining, now you have to put the data into relevant categories.

For writing an impressive essay, you must have to create a thesis statement. Your thesis statement will tell readers the point of your essay. Note that your thesis statement should have two parts. The first part states the topic, and the second part should state the point of the essay.

4.      Body of the Essay

The body of your essay explains your topic. Each main idea that you mentioned in the outline will become a separate section. Each paragraph will have the same basic structure. Your introductory sentence and paragraph should be strong. Make sure to support your ideas with evidence. Each paragraph should explain the different information but related to your topic.

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5.      Write the Conclusion

To sum up the essay, you have to write your findings. The conclusion of your essay brings closure to the topic. You should conclude your topic with four to five strong lines. Simply review your essay’s main points and reinforce your thesis.


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How to Write A High School Essay

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