Is Learning Online Better Than Learning In Person?

Learning in an online setting is perfect for anyone who needs to get in an extra course in University

Learning Online

Online courses have made it easier for busy adults to upgrade their careers on their own time. Even though learning online is effective, and often necessary, there are many who don’t want to utilize online learning because of some misconceptions. Traditional learning (learning in a classroom) has started to evolve to compete with online courses, and this is more of a positive for young learners than adults.

The debate still remains, with one study suggesting that a blended model of both is the most effective way to learn. Below, we consider some of the pro’s and con’s of each and what the key differences are.

Traditional Classrooms

Learning in-person is a necessity at early stages of life because of the traditional school system. Children up to young adults actually benefit from this method because it allows for more social interaction, physical activities, and the adoption of a regular schedule.

Traditional classrooms are also more intimate. You actually get to know your teacher face to face. They can use this intimacy to evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of individual students. Students in traditional schools also have the ability to go to a counselor which can help with them finding out what career opportunities are best for them.

It’s easier for students to be more vocal in this environment as well. You can bounce ideas off of each other quicker than you can with text. Taking notes also helps students learn faster, as it takes two parts of your brain to retain this information instead of one (reading for online courses). Continuous interaction between teachers and students also helps to learn overall.

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Online Classrooms

Learning in an online setting is perfect for anyone who needs to get in an extra course in University, busy professionals or adults with children. For example, if you want to become an accountant, this list of CPA courses comprises of online video and learning materials, whereas an Accounting A Level course is an excellent way for someone to improve their knowledge of the profession in general from home.

The flexibility of these courses are the biggest draw; you can learn at any time from anywhere. There are a lot of cities that don’t have a university nearby, or maybe you want to take a course that isn’t available near you. eLearning solves these issues.

If you find yourself exhausted after work, you might not want to go directly to a University to continue learning. Online courses give you the ability to go home and do school work in your pajamas. Although you can’t interact directly with staff and students, you can get your question answered by the use of online forums. eCourses usually have a dedicated staff that specifically answers questions and will work with you from anywhere.

You also don’t have to use one resource for learning. Whereas in traditional classrooms, you’re given one text that’s in physical form, most online courses will use online resources. This can help find information quicker, but will also make it harder to narrow down the proper source you need.


So which one is better? That depends on your age and your individual needs. If you’re an adult, I would recommend eCourses for their flexibility, but if you feel you’ll learn better with a teacher in the room with you, online learning can’t supplement that interaction.

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Is Learning Online Better Than Learning In Person?

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