What Single Engineering Students Can Do This Valentine’s Day

If you’re an engineering student who dreads the idea of being single this February 14, don’t fret! You can still do interesting and fun stuff.

Valentine’s Day – a day filled with love, flowers, chocolates, kisses and for the really lucky ones, they end it with mind-blowing sex. Basically, it’s a day for couples and anyone else who is in love.  For engineering students who are in relationships, they surprisingly find ways to make time to celebrate despite their busy schedules. But what about the single ones? Sometimes, people tease those who are single for being alone.

It’s sad that people like to make fun of single people and for the single ones, the thought of Valentines Day coming up can be overwhelming. But what about single engineering students? Do they get to have fun during the most romantic season of the year? Do they get to do something sweet too?

Well, of course they do! If you’re an engineering student who dreads the idea of being single this February 14, don’t fret! You can easily get a date, filled with interesting fun stuff to do.

For chemical engineering students, have a date with Perry.

Source: University of Cambridge

Have a date with thesis.

Source: Brainscape

Have a date with your plant design.

Source: CAD Schroer

Maybe a threesome with your coffee and a slice of cake can be fun. 

Make love to pizza. 

Source: Pinterest

Cuddle with your pillow as you watch your favorite TV show.

Source: Distractify

Kiss your calculator and don’t forget to say thank you for saving your ass in exams so many times. 

Source: eBay

Kidding aside, you don’t have to feel bad about being single. To be honest, it’s quite advantageous for you to be unattached during college. With no intention of offending the attached, being single means you can focus more on your studies. If you’re having a terrible time getting good grades in college, you need to focus all of your attention in your academics.

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Being single means you have so many options to choose from. You don’t have to spend the day with only one person. You can flirt around, you can have fun with your friends and spend quality time with your family later in the evening. If you’re in the mood to kiss someone, kiss your friends, kiss your siblings, kiss your mom and dad. The point is – you don’t have to feel alone this Valentine’s Day.

It’s just like any other day. So go ahead, be as awesome as you were before. Work on your paper and thesis. Say “I love you” to the ones who matter. Ace an engineering exam. Greet everyone you meet a Happy Valentine’s Day! You’ll be fine. You’re single and awesome. Have fun!

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What Single Engineering Students Can Do This Valentine’s Day

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