Sleeping With An Engineering Professor Is A Mistake

You’ve been warned. Do not sleep with your professor.

We’ve had our fair share of crushes in college. For engineering students, it’s normal to like their peers and professors alike. These professors aren’t the ones people normally imagine – old, married and boring. We’re talking about young professors who are in their late 20s or early 30s. We’re talking about the hot nerds who come to class with an authoritative air to them, sounding so smart when teaching their lessons. A lot of students can’t resist young and cute professors.

Fantasizing about these professors wouldn’t be weird but acting on it and coming up with ways to seduce them may be detrimental to a student’s reputation in school. This would be harmful to a professor’s career as well.

We’ve heard stories of engineering students having affairs with their professors: different students, different reasons. One reason may be to gain advantage in one’s grades. When competition is too tough in one’s degree program, some would resort to having affairs with their professors. Others simply just have a crush on their professors and would normally just do it for the story. There are other students who would want to be in an affair with their professors because of the concept that it’s forbidden. We all know how forbidden would sometimes equate to the words “fun and exciting.”

But before you even think about engaging in an affair with someone who will give you grades sometime in the future, consider this: if you get caught, things will get messy.

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Remember, this may be a dirty little secret for both of you but when word gets out that you’re sleeping with your professor, people will judge you. If you normally don’t care about these things, you should. The people who will judge you will be deans, other professors, the college’s administration staff, your classmates and your family. This will definitely put a negative mark on you. This will affect your grades and in some cases, you may even get suspended.

As for the professor, one could get fired and it could destroy his teaching career. One would lost credentials and later on, be seen as a pervert. This is why I do not understand why there are young professors who would risk all that just for a fun night with a student. 

There have been several cases reported about professor-student affairs and in most cases, no one ended up with something positive. These cases normally turn into local scandals and who wants to be part of a media frenzy? Not to mention the ordeal one must face in social media. People can be unforgiving to these cases so if you don’t want to have drama in your life, do not ever think of seducing your professor.

The scary thing about this is no matter how many times students are warned about the negative effects of doing it, a lot would still try to do so because of the idea that it can be fun, exciting and may even help their grades. You’ve been warned. Do not flirt with a professor. Do not sleep with your professor.

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Sleeping With An Engineering Professor Is A Mistake

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