The Engineering Professor You Hated Will Be the One You Will Admire Later

The terror professors are just doing their jobs.

Every engineering college has at least one terror professor that engineering students do not want to have a class with. But when extreme luck strikes, there will come at least one term that the students will experience the wrath under his class.

Because he gives so many assignments, requires many requirements for the class, tests your mental capabilities through recitation, condemns the late comers, picks on the class sleepers, reprimands his students when they do not bring their manuals, extends his classes to finish the chapter, and imposes military discipline while holding the lecture, that terror professor is easily condemned. There is more than one reason that the teacher is not one to be appreciated because of the stress he is giving to his students. It’s understandable. But you know what, he is just doing his job as an engineering professor.

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Engineering students now may not realize how this kind of teacher will shape their future as an engineer. Ask any engineer which professor they value the most after they graduated, and most likely, he or she will answer the name of that terror one.

I had that teacher before who I want to go to hell with because he deserves it – at least at the moment I thought he did, because he did exactly what I mentioned above. But whenever I look back at the times I was still studying engineering, what I remember the most, among others, is that terror professor who left a significant mark now that I am full-fledged engineer. That terror professor was part of who I am today. That terror professor was one of the many who molded me to become a better engineer through his own style.

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If engineering professors only promote being a slack to his students, he is not really teaching engineering. Part of an engineering professor’s job is to instill mental preparedness among his students and to keep the students from being alert. Any type of lazy engineering work is risky in the outside world. Training starts in the university the moment one becomes an engineering student. Primary agents of an active attitude are those terror professors who freaked the hell out of us in the four sides of the classroom, for us turn out better engineering students after the term.

Learn to value the hardships that your terror professor gives you. It may not look good on the surface as he induces so much stress to you, but that’s where you will ultimately learn. Always remember: the harder the struggle, the more glorious the triumph.

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The Engineering Professor You Hated Will Be the One You Will Admire Later

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