Why Engineering Students Hate Losing Their Scientific Calculators

If you ask engineering students what they hate the most about losing an item, without a doubt, that would be scientific calculators.

If it was just an ordinary day for a student who majors in business or art, it really wouldn’t ruin his day if he left his calculator with him. In fact, if there’s any calculations he needs in the university, he really wouldn’t need a calculator. He can just pull out his smart phone and tadaaa, he can move on to the next problem easily.

But if you ask an engineering student what he/she can’t survive without, without a doubt one will answer a scientific calculator. Amazing how one scientific calculator can make or break an engineering student’s academic path. One wrong input and boom! you’re going to have to tell your parents that they will have to wait for the next year to see you march. Clearly, engineering students are synonymous to a scientific calculator.

I remember taking an exam once. Before the exam started, I was outside the room panicking heavily as soon as I figured out that I wasn’t able to bring my calculator with me. I could feel myself sweating hard because failing this exam was going to take a toll on my academic status. If I didn’t bring a calculator with me, I was doomed. And just like any engineering student who badly wants to pass an exam, I started running around the halls and randomly asked people if they have a “handy-dandy” calculator they can let an unfortunate student borrow. Luckily for me, most students that day knew what one’s fate will be if one forgets a calculator in an engineering exam so people were willing to let me borrow theirs. Of course, I was able choose one.

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You see, our scientific calculators are considered the most important thing we can ever have in our bags. We all know we cannot leave and start the day in class without one. This is why every engineering student absolutely hates it when it’s left in the house. This is why engineering students dreads losing it. Scientific calculators are LIFE. The more complicated the buttons are, the better the chances of an engineering student gets in passing… maybe. But it doesn’t give away the fact that a scientific calculator is an engineering student’s best friend.

So if you happen to see a poor unfortunate soul looking for a calculator to borrow, pity the student and let him/her use yours. Remember, it could happen to you and you need someone to help you as well.

Aaron Kesel

Based in Dallas, Texas. Aaron Kesel is a chemical engineer who works in semiconductor processing and manufacturing for one of the top 3 semiconductor companies. His specific area of expertise include Photolithography, diffusion, epitaxy, and metrology. Prior to this role, he has held positions in power distribution working around water purifiers and large scale industrial applications.

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Why Engineering Students Hate Losing Their Scientific Calculators

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