Your Engineering Professors Know You Are Cheating

Do you honestly think they cannot sense all that buzz in the last row?

Yup, your engineering professors knows it.

It doesn’t matter how righteous and morally flawless you think you are, there will come a time in your engineering college life that you will be tempted to cheat in any way you can because the exam is just too damn hard. If you are an A-lister in a critical position with your final grade, you cannot afford to fail that exam, so you resort into academically dishonest means. Sure, you may have gotten away with it one time or more, but that’s what you think. It is certain that you’re professor know what’s going on.

Source: Giphy
Source: Giphy (Your engineering professors know all about it)

There are different styles of cheating in exams. There’s the classic, the sneaking to your seatmate’s exam paper with or without his or her permission. Then there’s the exchange of papers or texts, and the body expressions to convey signals. For some engineering students, the calculator serves more than just performing numerical operations but also storing values which can be bartered with the neighbors.

Cheating in exams is largely about timing, like having the professor get busy with a classmate who’s asking about something while you freely discuss out of his sight. It’s also about position – you prefer seating with nerds or your bestfriends in the perimeter because you know they can help you the most when you’re in need of answers.

The engineering students’ styles and modes of cheating in exams are almost universal that they are no longer a secret to the students, but also to the professors – hence, already public knowledge. Heck, your professors were once engineering students too, and they know very well how to cheat, or how their friends do it if they claim to have no cheating stain. Perhaps they were even good at it than you are when they were students.

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Source: Giphy
Source: Giphy (Your engineering professors know all about it)

So never underestimate the power of your professor to catch you while you’re cheating and deduct points on your score, or worse, mark your exam paper null. That’s not what you want. Do no cheat at all. It will also leave a mark upon your professor, maybe even your classmates if you are shamed that you are a cheater.

Plus, if you’re going to cheat in an exam especially with critical engineering knowledge, you’re just making yourself a potentially incompetent engineer. In engineering, you become what you learn. If you learned nothing because you cheated your way out of exams, you become nothing.

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Your Engineering Professors Know You Are Cheating

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