Leaders’ Talk with Green Energy Solutions and Sustainability’s CEO, Anita Nouri

The importance of sustainable energy and landfill gas-to-energy

Exclusive interview with Anita Nouri, CEO and Business Development Director of Green Energy Solutions and Sustainability. During the Big 5 Dubai Exhibition, Anita discussed the importance of sustainability, transition to renewable energy, land gas-to-energy benefits and other sources of sustainable energy in the Middle East.

About the Leader

Anita Nouri is a Founding Partner and CEO of Green Energy Solutions & Sustainability LLC a Dubai based company targeting landfills in the region.  Landfills are a reality here and throughout the GCC and should be degassed.  Landfill gas can provide a new renewable energy source that provides stable power to the national grid.  Our flagship project, Al Qusais landfill is under the jurisdiction of Dubai Municipality, and is currently the only landfill in the Middle East to produce power from landfill gas.  “As entrepreneurs we are proud that this standalone project is setting the benchmark in the region for alternative energy”.  Green Energy Solutions & Sustainability LLC has the only signed Emission reduction agreement with the Norwegian government to monetize the Carbon Credits.  GESS has established itself as a leader in the region.  Anita Nouri has been a speaker at many events, most recently the Big 5 in November, as well as being acknowledged, she has attained several awards for the work she has done.   GESS is targeting landfills and providing environmental solutions.

About the Company

Green Energy Solutions & Sustainability LLC is a Dubai based company that is providing waste management solutions, engineering, construction and project development as well as energy management consultancy in the region specifically in the UAE.  Green Energy Solutions & Sustainability LLC (“GESS”) is the local market leader and first-mover in LFG power generation, successfully piloting the first LFG power generation project in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) in close cooperation with the Dubai Municipality, a leader in the region with the implementation of innovative green technologies and sustainable solutions. Green Energy Solutions & Sustainability LLC is working in cooperation with local Government Bodies to support Environmental Green Initiatives.

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The flagship project at Al Qusais project is a prime example of how we can create Global Stewardship while we combat Global Warming by capturing and flaring the landfill gas that was naturally being vented into the atmosphere. Al Qusais is a registered CDM project #8269 and is achieving a reduction of CO2 equivilent of over 300K tons per year.  That is the equivilent of taking over 80,000 cars off the roads. GESS is working towards commercializing the existing LFG pilot site as well as develop three further LFG sites, and expand the business throughout the region.

Landfills are a reality in the GCC MENA region and with the aggressive targets for renewable energy the time has come to utilize this power source that can provide sustainable stable power.  All landfills need to be degassed and that gas can provide power to industry or to the grid.


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Leaders’ Talk with Green Energy Solutions and Sustainability’s CEO, Anita Nouri

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