Leaders’ Talk with Halio, Dr. Benoit Domercq

Leaders' Talk Benoit Domercq, General Manager of Halio, the world’s most advanced smart-tinting glass

Exclusive interview with the General Manager of Halio, Dr Benoît Domercq. During the Big 5 Dubai Exhibition, Dr. Benoît discussed their pioneering lighting system, sustainable approach to built environment and their plans to penetrate the Eastern market.

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About The Leader

Benoit Domercq, PhD, is the manager of the New Business Development department for the AGC European Building Division. His role is to find new revenue streams for the group with a focus on the Europe and Middle East markets. He is in charge of leading HalioTM for its commercial launch in the EUME. Dr Domercq was previously a member of the research faculty team of the Optical Sciences Centre at the University of Arizona and later involved in the Centre for Organic Photonics and Electronics at the Georgia Institute of Technology as a Senior Scientist in charge of managing industrial partnership.

About The Company

We all have a natural affinity for natural light. It is an essential ingredient of life and an indispensable condition of our wellbeing. We also have a natural tendency to gravitate towards sources of natural light in our interiors and places of work. Which explains why glass is such a compelling element in many contemporary architectural creations. And why the ability to master the phenomenon of natural light is essential to their success. Now, for the first time, a technological breakthrough is clearing the way for a more precise control of natural daylight. To enhance the comfort, privacy and energy-efficiency of our spaces. And open up whole new possibilities for using and inhabiting them. Introducing the world’s most advanced system for managing and controlling natural light: HalioTM.

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HalioTM, living with light


HalioTM smart-tinting glass system brings new significant advantages in the building:

  • Simply beautiful: glass facade without additional elements, allowing the building to remain connected with the environment providing free outside view, with an unprecedented color rendering index (97 at clear state).
  • The ultimate in comfort: visual comfort (glare reduction thanks to light management), thermal comfort (optimization of heat inside the building), acoustic comfort (silent transition).
  • Responsive to your needs: Halio can transition from its most transparent to its darkest state in less than 3 minutes. And the transition itself is detectable within 20 seconds. Best of all, Halio’s transition can be interrupted at any point to assume any intermediary level of transparency.
  • Intelligent and connected design: Halio is a complete solution including glass, control system, and dedicated algorithms allowing the system to adapt to buildings and occupants specific needs. Connectivity to a cloud platform enables real time monitoring for responsive maintenance while providing maximum security.

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Leaders’ Talk with Halio, Dr. Benoit Domercq

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