Leaders’ Talk with Imran Patanwala, Chairman and MD, Maryam Art and Decor

Imran Patanwala, Chairman and MD of Maryam Art & Décor outlined their high-end products, Middle East expansion plans and launching of their Dubai showroom

Exclusive interview with Imran Patanwala, Chairman and Managing Director of Maryam Art & Décor. During the Big 5 Exhibition, Imran outlined their high-end products, expansion plans in the Middle East and launching of their Dubai showroom.

About the Leader

Imran Patanwala is the Chairman and Managing Director of Maryam Art & Décor Mumbai. The company “Maryam Art & Décor” was established in 2011 an interior and design firm located in Mumbai India.

Imran designed interiors for private palatial residences in Mumbai, Bangalore and Hyderabad. Soon afterward, his expanding expertise in export services allowed him projects in the Middle East region, thus the thought came and expanded his footprints to Dubai and ventured into Dubai Gallery of Maryam Art and décor which is located at Al Barsha Dubai UAE.

About the Company

Maryam Art & Décor is the first Indian company that deals with premium quality range of interior molding which is an emerging trend in beautification of commercial and residential places.

Maryam Art & Décor established in the year 2011 at Maryam Art & Décor in Mumbai, India. Moving away from the conventional interior decoration by sprucing up every office and home space with new age and multifaceted hardwood charcoal interior moldings.

Maryam Art & Décor’s entire product range is free of warping, resistant to action of oil, water and other domestic liquids.

They currently operating in Dubai and their exclusive showroom is located in Al Barsha 2, Belshalat Showroom-2, Dubai UAE

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Leaders’ Talk with Imran Patanwala, Chairman and MD, Maryam Art and Decor

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