#LeadersTalk with the CEO of Kemica Coatings, René Massard

René Massard, Chief Executive and Founder of Kemica Coatings outlined their innovative products, latest technologies and building applications.

During the Big 5 Dubai Exhibition, René Massard, Chief Executive and Founder of KEMICA COATINGS outlined their innovative products, latest technologies and building applications.

About the Leader

Mr. René Massard, CEO 

Education: Mining engineer degree at ECOLE DES MINES -NANCY France – MSc in Chemical Engineering at Berkeley University of California

Professional Experience: He is the founder and CEO of KEMICA COATINGS. He has extensive, more than 30-year experience, in the coating industry, having worked in numerous projects regarding the resin manufacturing, new technologies, new formulations. He has already deposited 8 patents on behalf of KEMICA COATINGS, regarding coatings technologies.

He also possesses extensive experience in the resin installation sector, as the founder and CEO of UNIRESINE (resin installation company in Belgium) and the CEO of ATR (1977-1985) (Application de Technique de Revêtement), specialized in resin installation for flooring, waterproofing and corrosion protection.

In the past (1969-1970 & 1972-1975) he worked in the R&D sector.

About Kemica Coatings

With over 27 years of experience, KEMICA COATINGS is a French pioneering SME, founded by René Massard in 1992 in Mignières – France. Expert in the field of polyurethane and polyurea-urethane based high performance resins applied on concrete or steel  for  any  type  of  problem of waterproofing, floor coating and corrosion protection, KEMICA COATINGS participated in projects in more than 15 countries, on 3 continents.

KEMICA COATINGS has developed its own formulas :

  • Non-flammable resins (only European company that produces a resin certified at a B combustion level – from A to F, A being incombustible)
  • Resins for steel substrates – applied without a primer, increases the cost- and time-efficiency.
  • Resins resisting to high substrate temperature (160oC)
  • Bisphenol A free resins – can come in direct contact with potable water and wine (acquired the relevant certification from the French Ministry of Health)
  • Resins used in nuclear projects (neutron absorbents) guaranteeing complete confinement.
  • Resins resistant to salt diffusion
  • Non-toxic resins against bacteria and mold (yeast or bacteria cannot develop on them – increasing hygiene levels, high application potential in hospitals and food industry)
  • Resins applied under water (maintenance and repairs of leaking pipes)
  • New coating technology by spraying electrostatically two component solvent free highly reactive resins
  • New coating technology able to seal leaking pipes or steel tanks without stopping operation.
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Wide range of products’ application, including the following :

  • Hospitals (floors, walls, operation rooms)
  • Food industry (plants, refrigerating rooms)
  • Infrastructure (viaducts, bridges, water tanks, tunnels)
  • Nuclear industry (floors, retention tanks, nuclear pools, pipes, cooling towers)
  • Industrial buildings (storage halls, canals, unloading areas, tanks)
  • Waste water treatment plants (pipes, thickening tanks, digesters, sand filters)
  • Marine & offshore projects (decks, cabins, fuel tanks, ballast tanks)
  • Pools & aquatic centers
  • Other (chemical, microelectronics, mechanical, oil refineries)



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#LeadersTalk with the CEO of Kemica Coatings, René Massard

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