#LeadersTalk with 3GSM

3GSM GmbH, one of the most respected software companies in Austria

During the World Tunnel Congress in Dubai, UAE, Andreas Gaich, Managing Director of 3GSM GmbH, one of the most respected software companies in Austria talks to GineersNow TV about their latest technologies and product innovations for the construction, tunneling and mining industry.

About 3GSM

3GSM GmbH develops and markets easy-to-use systems for generating three-dimensional images of rock and terrain surfaces for assessments and surveying.
In 2005, the innovative JointMetriX3D system allowed 3D images to be taken from close range up to 1.500 m and even beyond facilitating work for data acquisition in mining and tunnelling. It cut mapping time, delivered outstanding and reproducible results, and lead to an objective data basis for the planning and construction of subsurface and surface rock mass excavations and constructions.

Its successors ShapeMetriX 3D and BlastMetriX 3D used hand-held calibrated cameras and dedicated software products that expanded 3GSM’s business to over 40 countries in all continents.
ShapeMetriX 3D is used for digital rock mass characterisation including geological mapping and is used mainly in the tunnelling and mining industry, as well as for general geotechnical engineering.

BlastMetriX 3D provides easy and comprehensive 3D profiling of bench faces for surface blasting and a dedicated blast design software.

The later developments are ShapeMetriX TBM, ShapeMetriX UAV and BlastMetriX UAV.

ShapeMetriX TBM is the first 3D imaging and assessments system for tunnelling using a hard rock TBM. It bases on digital videogrammetry.

ShapeMetriX UAV is the all-in-one solution for surface mining in terms of data acquisition using UAVs (drones). It provides surveying, rock mass characterisation, blast design, and comprehensive documentation in a single package.

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BlastMetriX UAV is for generation of 3D images from drone imagery for face profiling, blast design and analysis.

The foundation of the company in 2002 was driven by the inspiration of introducing a new standard for collecting structural data of a rock mass delivering quality not available before and leading to an interesting broadening of applications in the meantime.

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#LeadersTalk with 3GSM

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