#LeadersTalk with ievo Biometric Solutions

ievo Biometric, one of the largest manufacturer of integrated biometric access control solutions talks to GineersNow TV

During the Intersec exhibition in UAE, Stephen Thompson, Export Sales Manager of ievo Biometric, one of the largest manufacturer of integrated biometric access control solutions talks to GineersNow TV about their latest security technologies and biometric product innovations.

About ievo

ievo Ltd is a leading provider of fingerprint based biometric authentication security products for the access control markets.

Our range of fingerprint biometric readers use advanced sensors to offer product reliability, accuracy and world-class performance; vital for any access control solution. With standalone registration unit available for fast and efficient user enrolment, ievo systems are designed for the vast majority of working environments, even remote installations that require a standalone or backup power source.

Using multispectral imaging technology within the sensor, ievo systems are able to supply highly accurate imaging data even when there are levels or dirt, debris, damage or moisture present on the skin of a finger, ievo fingerprint readers* remain operational when used externally during rain fall.

We have an extensive partnership network of access control and security software providers to ensure our products allow a greater depth of seamless integration for security systems and time and attendance solutions. Our integrated solutions will ensure that end users have the most reliable, accurate and efficient systems at their disposal. Using modular components within the controlling system, we can provide custom system configuration depending on what is required by the end user.

Due to the nature of our system and the benefits provided we work with the vast majority of industries, including but not limited to; education, construction works, industrial units and factories, leisure and healthcare facilities, Governmental buildings and general facilities management, we also export to a number of global territories via our distribution partners.

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*ievo ultimate™ fingerprint reader.

About the Leader

Stephen Thompson, Export Sales Manager at ievo has been with the company for over 3 years now bringing with him a wide range of Sales experience and knowledge of export territories.

Originally joining ievo based on the quality of the products and the size of the opportunity in the marketplace for reliable biometrics he quickly strengthened existing partnerships and established new networks in key target regions and beyond. Stephen continues to do so with the clear vision to grow and establish the ievo brand into multiple new territories with the Remit to Educate the marketplace further on the need for reliable biometric solutions.

Stephen is always keen to meet and support existing and potential new clients and showcase the latest innovations from ievo and deliver a truly bespoke service.


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#LeadersTalk with ievo Biometric Solutions

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