#LeadersTalk with Sonic Lighting and Electrical Systems

Eve Mancuyas, Marketing Manager of Sonic Lighting and Electrical Systems talks to GineersNow TV

During the Philconstruct exhibition at SMX, Eve Mancuyas, Marketing Manager of Sonic Lighting and Electrical Systems Inc, one of the largest distributor of electrical equipment and lighting in the Philippines talks to GineersNow TV about their latest lighting technologies, electrical product innovations and business plans.

About Sonic Lighting and Electrical Systems Inc

Sonic Lighting and Electrical Systems, Inc. was established in 2012 as a professional lighting solutions provider, specializing in the sale of energy- saving and environment-friendly products and other special kinds of LED lights. We aim to introduce to the market, innovative lighting products and other special kinds of lights that all are guaranteed to give our customers, satisfaction and good value for their money. Sonic Lighting stands out for its strong commitment to creativity, with the constant innovation of the indoor and outdoor lighting market by offering quality product lines.

Sonic Lighting is also committed to spreading awareness on the benefits of LED Lighting, and in preserving the earth’s resources through mitigating global warming and other environment-related issues. We do this by encouraging the use of LED for small to medium enterprises, to the commercial and residential sectors and providing them with alternative lighting systems that are energy saving and cost-efficient.To date, Sonic Lighting and Electrical Systems, Inc. is the only licensed Lighting distributor of the world-renowned TCL LED Lighting and MG LED COMMERCIAL LIGHTING products in the Philippines.

Our VALUES are -We Work ,We Serve,We Share,We Care,We Grow

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Our vision is to become ambassadors for positive change by fostering diligence in our work and giving good service; by caring for our customers and caring for the environment..We aim to work diligently and provide our valued customers quality brands of LED lighting products, prompt delivery, and excellent service. We will encourage a work atmosphere that fosters excellence, genuine care for our clients, and the environment in all aspects of our work.We will aspire to be transparent in all our business dealings with our partners and customers.

About Eve Mancuyas

Graduate of Bachelor in Business Administration Major in Marketing at Polytechnic University of the Philippines with 8 years’ work experience in the field of marketing and customer service. A Civil Service Professional Passer. Pioneered most of the Marketing Efforts such as partnerships, events handling and Social Media Marketing at current company. Has an In-depth knowledge of entire marketing cycle right from Planning to applying the use of various marketing strategies. Also has knowledge in using the different sources of publicity, branding and promotion including the social media effectively. Loves managing team and solving problems. Enthusiastic, self-motivated and passionate about helping and working with people in bringing out their best potential. Compassionate and believes that humility will really bring you a lot of good things in life . Animal and human rights advocate, a mother to 10 lovely and sweet cats.


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#LeadersTalk with Sonic Lighting and Electrical Systems

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