This is a Personal Brewery Machine

Pico: Your personal home brewery machine

Engineers love to drink beer. There’s no argument to that. But brewing our own beers at home, well that’s a probably new experience for most of us.

But having no experience with brewing doesn’t have to fret us all, as our new brewing companion called Pico comes with simple instructions: just pour water over the machine and add a PicoPak recipe from 12 choices.

It looks like we’ve found the new engineers’ best friend (sorry, calculators).

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Aaron Kesel

Based in Dallas, Texas. Aaron Kesel is a chemical engineer who works in semiconductor processing and manufacturing for one of the top 3 semiconductor companies. His specific area of expertise include Photolithography, diffusion, epitaxy, and metrology. Prior to this role, he has held positions in power distribution working around water purifiers and large scale industrial applications.

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This is a Personal Brewery Machine

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