Mercedes-Benz Trucks Now Offers 3D-Printed Genuine Spare Parts

In case you own a Mercedes-Benz Truck – it could be any model – and the truck has parts that already need replacement, there’s no need to fret. The company can provide that part for you through its 3D printing technology.

The trucks manufacturer in Stuttgart, Germany announced in July that they are to make 30 3D-printed plastic spare parts that will be available on September. They are not just making mere spare parts, but producing them in “genuine-parts quality” printed on demand.

Source: Daimler 

3D printing technology now becomes a standard production method of Mercedes-Benz Trucks in their customer services and parts sector. For now, 30 genuine spare parts are readily available to be printed in any quantity upon the specific request of the truck owners. Such include covers, spacers, spring caps, cable ducts, clamps, mountings and control elements. The spare parts are created using the selective laser sintering process.

Mercedes-Benz Trucks is pioneering this innovation among global truck producers. Andres Deuschle, Head of Marketing & Operations in the Customer Services & Parts Mercedes-Benz Trucks Division, shared, “In keeping with our brand promise—“trucks you can trust”—we set the same benchmarks for reliability, functionality, durability and economy for spare parts from 3D production as for parts from conventional production. We shall be rapidly extending the production of 3D-printed parts.”

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Mercedes-Benz Trucks Now Offers 3D-Printed Genuine Spare Parts

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