The Most Dangerous Engineering Jobs

Before you sign up for college and pursue an engineering course, you better think again

Before you sign up for college and pursue an engineering course, you better think again. Take a look at the TOP 5 most dangerous engineering jobs!

Mining engineer

When they do their job, they are not only six feet below the ground but could be a thousand more! Mining engineers need to meet the global demands for mineral commodities. They extract oil, gas, minerals, and metals for manufacturing purposes by designing underground mines and working in underground operations. These engineers are facing huge massacre threat for they deal with explosive materials, dangerous gas and collapses.

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Chemical engineer

These engineers need to have a great sense of ‘chemistry’ with the different type of chemicals they handle to secure their safety. They deal with the conception and design of valuable materials which are often essential to fields such as nanotechnology, fuel cells, and biomedical engineering. When handled without care, these highly-flammable chemicals can result to explosion.

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Aerospace engineer

To become one of the engineers of an aircraft going to a special mission in outer space comes great power. But like what Superman said, this is partnered with great responsibility. Aerospace engineers design, test and supervise the manufacture of aircraft, spacecraft, and missiles. They also supervise ongoing space productions. Amazing, isn’t it? But if you dare to become one, you will face a lot of risks in the aviation industry such as excessive noise and dangerous materials.

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Petroleum engineer

Every vehicle won’t work if not because of these engineers. They design methods of oil and gas extraction and work with geologists, drilling operators and the best possible equipment to be able to capture petroleum. While a lucrative profession, the job is challenging as engineers are involved in easily difficult situations.

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Photo: Most Dangerous Engineering Jobs

Marine Engineer

Marine engineers are involved in the design and construction of seagoing vessels and structures. The constructions, operations and maintenance of the engine room are the main obligation of marine engineer. The risk of human error is an ever-present danger in a working environment of a marine engineer, often resulting in personal injury, disability or tragic loss of life.

Photo: Most Dangerous Engineering Jobs



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The Most Dangerous Engineering Jobs

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