How Powerful Really is the World’s Largest Jet Engine?

It’s not even the most powerful.... but perhaps it's the largest jet engine.

Image source: GE

GE Aviation is home to the world’s largest jet engine, the GE9X. After its testing started in April, it was find out that the jet made a hit of 105,000 pounds of thrust, which was discovered at GE’s test stand in Peebles, Ohio. This will be placed under each of Boeing’s next-generation wide-body jet.

GE Aviation engineers seek the help of other GE businesses with experience in building big machines to help out. Workers at GE Oil & Gas in Massa, Italy were tapped to help in testing the engine’s compressor. GE Power’s brand new factory’s massive computer-controlled mill in Greenville, South Carolina machined the engine’s compressor blades.

Image: GE
Image: GE

But how powerful really is the world’s largest jet engine?

It was in 194 where GE engineers, a top-secret group, built I-A which is the first American jet engine. It produced just 1,300 pounds of thrust. The second production engine released a few years later, the J33, generated 4,200 pounds. GE Aviation’s F414 engines power a range of fighter jets, which generates 22,000 pounds of thrust each F414 engine.

Air Force One. Source: White House

The Air Force One fleet use Cf6-80C2 engines, which can pull off 61,960 pounds each. The new Air Force One, which will replace the existing fleet after 2017, will have four GEnx-2B engines which can produce 66,500 pounds each.

In comparison, though, the largest jet engine is not the most powerful but its parent, the GE90 which sets the record by producing 127,900 pounds of thrust.

GE90. Source: GE

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How Powerful Really is the World’s Largest Jet Engine?

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