Meet the Ph.D. Engineer Turned Comedian

Sai Ranade, Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering is now cracking jokes full-time

Engr. Sai Ranade

Some think having a Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering would have you set for life, but that’s not true for everyone. Sai Ranade, Ph.D., has been layed off four times before he decided to finally switch careers… a Ph.D. chemical engineer turned comedian.

Ph.D. Engineer Turned Comedian (Source: Saidas Ranade)

“Yes, I think I’m an expert on layoffs,” he laughed. “If there were a conference on layoffs, I think I should be the keynote speaker.”

He now performs standup comedy at Houston where he also got his Ph.D. He worked in the Oil and Gas industry for 20 years until he got layed off due to the price of oil’s steady drop. Once he got the fourth layoff, he decided to call it quits.

Ph.D. Engineer Turned Comedian (Source: Saidas Ranade)

His jokes are sometimes directed to his layoff experiences. He somehow manages to turn those bad experiences into laughter. “First time, it was tough, like anything else,” He said. “Like a divorce, first time it was tough. But now I’m a pro at it.”

He still works as a consultant for some oil companies, but his full-time job as of the moment is full-blown comedy.

Ph.D. Engineer Turned Comedian (Source: Saidas Ranade)

Engr. Sai Ranade (Source: Linkedin)

Engr. Sai Ranade (Source: Twitter)

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Meet the Ph.D. Engineer Turned Comedian

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