9 Technical Books Every Building and Construction Engineer Must Have

Such books will help in the success of a construction project.

Engineering books

Every construction engineer must have at least two…

Many civil engineers, especially those involved in the field of building and construction, often rely on stored knowledge to perform their responsibilities while on site or at work. While that is often risky, it pays for such engineers to have technical books, which can just be right in their pockets through their smartphones, holding critical information that they can go to at times in need.

Listed below are technical engineering books that are building and construction essentials. Topics vary from calculations to project management, already updated in their codes and specifications, suited to the wide tasks that engineers in mentioned field cover. The descriptions are abstracts by the Access Engineering Library website.

Handbook of Civil Engineering Calculations, Second Edition
by Tyler G. Hicks

Source: Amazon (Construction engineer must have books)

This authoritative reference offers a sure-fire way to save time handling routine and non-routine calculations in the design, rehabilitation, and maintenance of all types of structures. Each calculation procedure includes a worked-out example with numbered steps.

Building Design and Construction Handbook, Sixth Edition
by Frederick S. Merritt, Jonathan T. Ricketts

Source: Inda Books (Construction engineer must have books)

A where-would-you-be-without-it handbook covering every single important step in building design and construction, now updated to include key changes in design and construction practices.

2015 International Building Code Illustrated Handbook
by The International Code Council, Douglas W. Thornburg, AIA, C.B.O., John R. Henry, P.E.

Source: MH Professional (Construction engineer must have books)

An easy-to-use visual guide to the 2015 International Building Code®. Thoroughly revised to reflect the International Code Council’s 2015 International Building Code®, this full-color guide makes it easy to understand and apply complex IBC® provisions and achieve compliance. With an emphasis on structural and fire- and life-safety requirements, this practical resource has been designed to save time and money.

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Project Management for Engineering and Construction, Third Edition
by Garold D. Oberlender, Ph.D., P.E.

Source: Amazon (Construction engineer must have books)

The latest, most effective engineering and construction project management strategies. Fully revised throughout, this up-to-date guide presents the principles and techniques of managing engineering and construction projects from the initial conceptual phase, through design and construction, to completion.

CPM in Construction Management, Eighth Edition
by James J. O’Brien, P.E., PMP, CVS, Fredric L. Plotnick, Ph.D., Esq., P.E.

Source: Amazon (Construction engineer must have books)

Advance your construction projects with CPM and this fully updated guide. Plan, schedule, and manage construction projects using the critical path method (CPM) and the practical information contained in this thoroughly revised book.

Construction Databook
by Sidney M. Levy

Source: ABE Books (Construction engineer must have books)

Stay on top of construction details and procedures with the help of this illustrated data handbook. It offers fast access to hundreds of tables, charts, diagrams, and illustrations, covering all the components of construction utilized at a typical job site.

Metal Building Systems: Design and Specifications, Third Edition
by Alexander Newman, P.E., F.ASCE

Source: Amazon (Construction engineer must have books)

The most complete, up-to-date metal building systems guide. Fully revised for the latest building codes and industry trends, Metal Building Systems, Third Edition, explains how to select, specify, and design pre-engineered buildings with confidence.

Masonry Structural Design
by Richard E. Klingner

Source: Booktopia

Complete details on masonry materials and structures Masonry Structural Design covers the basic performance and specification of masonry materials, the basic behavior of masonry wall systems, and the structural design of masonry in the context of the 2009 IBC and the 2008 JSJC Code and Specification.

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Structural Engineering Formulas, Second Edition
by Ilya Mikhelson, Ph.D., Tyler G. Hicks, P.E.

Source: Amazon

Thoroughly revised with more than 300 new formulas, this compact yet comprehensive compilation puts essential data related to the design and analysis of engineering structures at your fingertips. Structural Engineering Formulas, Second Edition covers a wide range of topics, including statics, soils, foundations, retaining structures, pipes, and tunnels, and explains the use and application of each ready-to-use formula.

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9 Technical Books Every Building and Construction Engineer Must Have

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