Architects Designed Skyscrapers That Don’t Cast Shadows

Shadowless skyscrapers will continue to shed light to urban development

Shadow free tower concept

Walking in a city full of skyscrapers leaves you in the shadows quite often. As the buildings get taller, the light that hits in between them get smaller and smaller.

This is what NBBJ, a global architecture company, designed their new no-shadow tower for. The tower is set to be built on London where a major influx of skyscrapers are about to begin.

Source: Vimeo

While it’s not technically shadowless, the no-shadow tower is actually part of a two-tower set. One tower is the no-shadow while the other one is strategically curved in such a way that light bounces off of it and reflects over to the shadow of the first tower.

Locals fear that the tower’s reflection of light might heat up the ground like the Walkie Talkie tower in London that melted a parked car. NBBJ took this into consideration and assured that their reflectors are not concave enough to produce a magnifying glass effect.

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Architects Designed Skyscrapers That Don’t Cast Shadows

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