Travelling Tips For the Workaholic Millennial Engineers

Travelling—one of the best ways to get away from the toxicity of life. But, being a 9-5pm and mostly overtime workaholic, who has the time for it?

In our workaholic world today, the need to get away from all the papers, projects, gossips, stress and negativity from work is through giving yourself a chance to get away from it all—literally, and what better way to do this than to travel!

Go see the world, search for new places, see new faces, eat new food, take dozens of pictures of the places, and watch the sunset from a different place. Doesn’t it sound amazing? But what about the people who can’t seem to squeeze travelling into their daily schedule?

Here’s some tips on how to travel even if you are the busiest person in your office

No. 1. Don’t Over-plan

Source: The Nicessist

Sometimes, the best way to plan for a vacation is not to plan. Confused? Have you ever tried planning a get together with some friends, like I mean planning it to the detail for a long time—then end up not going through with it? It works the same way. If you plan TOO LONG for something, you end up dismissing the plan once you’ve thought too much about it or when something comes up. However, if you plan for it maybe days or weeks away, you won’t think so much about all the troubles that could hinder you from going—and you’ll actually go.

No.2. Find an experienced Companion

Source: Buffer

A travel buddy/ies is always a good thing, unless you’re experienced. This is not just any travel buddy/ies, but an experienced one/s. Having an experienced companion in travelling will lessen your worries about the travel itself, since you have someone to help you with all that. It will make you feel more secure and make you feel more hyped about the trip—making you want to go for it even more.

No.3. Reserve your leaves

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Source: MindKey

Most companies now a days have vacation leaves or sick leaves. Reserve around 2-4 days of those for your planned/unplanned vacations. So even if you work your ass off at work, you WILL have time to travel.

No.4. Make a vision board

Source: Pinterest

Take a board and stick pictures of the places you target to go to this month or year. Yes, it has to be pictures. Then stick it on a wall in your room where you can easily see it. Study shows that this method will help our brains process our wants and aspirations, making us more vulnerable to choose and go for what we want—making us find ways to be able to achieve what we visualize.

No.5. Make a Way

If there’s a will, there’s a way. As long as what you’re planning is legal and won’t hurt anyone, then choose yourself. Travelling is good for the soul, if you can’t find a way—make one.


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Travelling Tips For the Workaholic Millennial Engineers

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