Turn Your Own Car Into DIY Autonomous Car

This company sells kits that turns your regular car into a modern autonomous car


DIY Autonomous Car

Companies like Google, Lyft, Uber, Tesla, and many others have looked towards the future of autonomous vehicles. They’ve all been investing in making driverless cars that can drive themselves and there have been numerous advancements in that specific field. Others have been trying to jump the wagon and have not been very successful. So, what makes Drive.ai a different competition? This company shows us what they do and what sets them apart from the rest.

Source: Drive.ai via Popsci

The company does not make cars, and they do not design cars either. What they do is create kits that you can upgrade your car with, enabling it to go driverless. Not only that, the company also includes a roof communicator which lets it communicate to pedestrians and drivers alike.  This makes people outside aware of what the car is doing. Technology like this is highly advised for visually impaired people and the elderly who cannot or have difficulty driving themselves.

The features of the kit are very unique and are equally useful to any driverless car. Take the roof display for example, you’ll be able to notify anyone around you if you’re saying “thank you” or “it’s safe to cross”. The software of the kit uses deep learning to command the car, a technology that the company has been working on since the inception of the project. This is the same type of technology that Uber and Google are using to drive their autonomous cars. Technology wise, it might be able to lessen street accidents by a whole lot.

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Carol Reiley, co-founder and president drive.ai (Source: USA Today)
Carol Reiley, co-founder and president drive.ai (Source: USA Today)

It senses its surroundings mostly with camera sensors, even though it has LIDAR technology. The computer on each car uses an automotive grade chip which is pretty compressed. Though there aren’t any set dates as to when the technology would be released, Drive.ai promises that deployment is already under planning.

The team that’s onboard Drive.ai is no pushover as well. There have been numerous reports of talents from other car companies being pulled in by the company. One of the noteable mentions is Steve Girsky of General Motors who is also a specialist when it comes to autonomous vehicle technology. The rest of the staff on the team came from Stanford’s Artificial Intelligence Lab. Armed with PhDs, the powerhouse team is set to face any problem the autonomous cars might present.

Source: CNet

Autonomous cars are ranked from zero to six from “no automation” to “full automation” by the Society of Automotive Engineers. As of the moment, most cars are only geared at level two and only a little of that are pushing towards level three. According to Carol Reiley, co-founder and President of Drive.ai, the standard of their cars are at a level four to a level five. The system wants to eliminate even the most minor human interaction when it comes to operating the vehicle. Seeing how Drive.ai is already sparking some flames on the news and with its partners, reaching level six might not be so out of reach.

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Turn Your Own Car Into DIY Autonomous Car

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