World’s Most Expensive Flight at $38,000 USD (One Way Ticket)

For at least US$38,000, you will experience the most expensive flight of your life. But that’s only a one-way ticket.

World's most expensive flight: Etihad

If the U$38,000 one-way trip ticket isn’t much of a problem to you, the world’s most expensive flight sure will be one of the most unforgettable flights of your life. Just be willing to travel from Mumbai to New York City via Abu Dhabi through Etihad Airways.

The Airbus A380, which is a 496-seater making it the world’s largest passenger airplane, offers a 11.6-square meter private suite called The Residence. It boasts of a living room with leather double-seat sofa, two dining tables and 32-inch TV, a bedroom with double bed and 27-inch TV, and an en suite bathroom complete with a full-height shower and hairdryer. You will be attended by a personal butler who can offer you an in-flight dining menu.

Source: Etihad

Passengers of this luxurious ride also get to have limousine transfer and private airport lounge service.

If you are from New York City and you plan to go to Sydney, you can also book a flight in the same airline but to a costlier price of $52,000, only one way. This is more expensive due to the taxes and currency exchange rates.

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World’s Most Expensive Flight at $38,000 USD (One Way Ticket)

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