This House Can Repair On Its Own If Damaged

It's like a "Wolverne" house that can self heal or regenerate to repair itself

Self healing building materials

The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency or DARPA is devoting funds in new tech that will change the building industry forever. They’re looking to create building materials that can grow to repair itself when damaged.

Concrete, wood, iron, marble, and glass are all basic components of a home and you have to admit that gathering, transporting, and construction with these materials isn’t an easy task. But the folks at DARPA are planning to create a new material that could grow into specified shapes, regenerate when broken, and change according to the environment.

Source: DARPA

This project is called the Engineering Living Materials Program which aims to revolutionize the construction industry by changing how houses are built and repaired. Justin Gallivan, the ELM program manager, envisions growing materials on-site instead of shipping them from elsewhere.

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This House Can Repair On Its Own If Damaged

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