Top 10 Largest Electric Utility Companies of 2018

See the latest updates of today's top largest electric utility companies. More than this ranking, their quality performances are worth to know.

These notable electric utility companies have shown notable competencies not only because they are the largest in operation size but also because they raked the top spots of 2018 in terms of providing the highest quantity and the best of quality.

Operation, generation, and transmission are the key activities of an electric utility company.  If not executed properly, it can cause huge power interruption that will reflect heavily on the performance of all electricity-powered factories and industries. Thus, electric utility companies play an integral role in the industrial arena. But aside from that, they also incur visible effects on commercial, recreational, and residential components of human lives.

And now, as the industry continues to grow, it is confronted with challenges setting up for them to change. These are also reasons to obligate them to install better innovative infrastructures considering trend and consumer demands. The integration of renewable energy and smart grid technologies are sure to reform the face of the business model of electric utility industry.

In 2015, EDF and GDF Suez, two of France’s electric companies were considered the largest utilities in the world. EDF, which is primarily a government-owned utility company focuses in nuclear energy. GDF Suez, on the other hand, concentrates on renewables and natural gas. Duke Energy, the largest American electric utility ranks 3rd in the Top 10 based on market value.

Below is the complete list of other electric utility companies that made it to the top as of May 2018.

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1. NextEra Energy

From 2016 to 2023, this company that started powering the United States in 1925 expects to install more than 10 million solar panels. Its market value is at 75.8 billion US dollars.

2. Enel


This Italian electric utility company manufactures and distributes gas and electricity.  Its market value is at 61.6 billion US dollars.

3. Duke Energy

It is one of the largest electric power holding companies in the United States with its boasting 57,700 MW of electric generating capacity. Duke Energy is now serving 7.4 million retail electric customers in six states.

4.China Yangtze Power

Headquartered in Beijing, it generates hydropower, electric power, and power products.  Its market value is at 56 billion US dollars.

5. Iberdrola


This multinational electric utility company is based in Bilbao, northern of Spain. It was founded in only 1992 yet it already has a market value of 49.4 billion US dollars.

6. Southern Company


This is another American electric utility firm headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia. It has nearly 200,000 miles of electric transmission and distribution lines and its natural gas pipeline extends 80,000 miles. Its market value is at 45.5 billion US dollars.

7. EDF


This is for the most part owned by the French government. It boasts of being the largest producer of low-carbon electricity in the United Kingdom and the biggest electricity supplier by volume in the whole of Great Britain.  Its market value is at 43 billion US dollars.

8. Dominion Resources

This Virginia-based energy company supplies gas and electricity to businesses, homes, and wholesale customers in the Eastern United States. Its market value is at 42.2 billion US dollars.

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9. Engie

This French electric utility company focuses on low-carbon energy generation and customer solutions. It has about 150,000 employees in 70 countries. Its market value is at 41.8 billion US dollars.

10. Exelon

This company is part of the Fortune 100 energy company. It is headquartered in Chicago, Illinois and it has about 34,000 employees. Its market value is at 39.2 billion US dollars.


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Top 10 Largest Electric Utility Companies of 2018

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