The Weirdest Crowdfunding Products For An Engineer

No wonder they failed to get backing from the crowd.

Did you ever come across a unique product that got everybody talking the moment it was released? It could have interesting and unique features or it could be just plain weird. You may not know it but these products are not backed by multinational companies so engineers and inventors usually seek help from crowdfunding to raise the capital to mass-produce their products.

This is where companies such as Kickstarter and IndieGoGo come in. They’re popular for being a beacon of hope for startup entrepreneurs who are looking for people to support their projects. It’s just simple. Present your products, offer something good and if people back you up with money that reaches your goal, you’ll have a successful campaign and you can finally put your product into production.

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While the likes of the Oculus Rift have reached success, do not be deceived at the idea of instant money in crowdfunding. There are so many people who have tried yet failed. Maybe the campaign presentation wasn’t appealing enough or maybe… the products offered were just too weird.

A visual presentation provided by SSL provides us with the weirdest crowdfunding fails you’ll ever find lately. See how they failed so hard in raising money for these weird projects:

Source: SSL

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The Weirdest Crowdfunding Products For An Engineer

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