This is a Heavy Equipment Theme Park For Kids

It is called Diggerland, a heavy machinery theme park

Diggerland heavy machinery theme park

Heavy Equipment Theme Park Diggerland

It might seem impossible for people who want to fiddle with construction equipment to actually sit in an excavator or a tractor because of safety reasons – come on, no company doesn’t want to be held liable over strangers casually digging soil. But really, that’s where you got it all wrong.

This heavy equipment them park is like Disneyland for the engineers and construction professionals.

Source: Heavy Equipment Theme Park Diggerland

A construction-themed amusement park stands in West Berlin, New Jersey, for people who like to try controlling heavy machinery and ride on construction equipment. Called the Diggerland, the 14-acre heavy equipment theme park allows adults and kids, at certain height restrictions, to safely drive, ride and operate forklifts, backhoes, tractors, dump trucks and excavators modified for use on a course or made stationary by design. The park assures that you won’t be dirty in this park, unlike what you see in real construction sites.

The park features Spin Dizzy, a 20-ton excavator with an 8-seat capacity at its scoop buckets; and Mini Diggers, 16 backhoe-like excavators dubbed diggers in three sizes designed for operators to knock over bowling pins, dig for buried treasure or pluck a duck decoy out of a pond with the boom arm of a 4,000-pound excavator.

Other main attractions include the Dig-A-Round, which is like a carousel except the riders get to sit in excavator buckets; the Sky Shuttle, a crane-like forklift with an extendable hydraulic arm carrying up to 15 passengers to 50 feet in the air; and the Backhoe Adventure, which allows four riders to take turns in driving a backhoe on a course, which a ride marshal aboard to accompany.

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This looks really fun for your children to experience engineering, construction and STEM.

Heavy Equipment Theme Park Diggerland
Heavy Equipment Theme Park Diggerland
Heavy Equipment Theme Park Diggerland

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This is a Heavy Equipment Theme Park For Kids

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