Make the Simplest Air Conditioner Out of a Milk Carton

All you need is a computer fan, a milk carton and some creativity

A milk carton portable air conditioner

Want to beat the heat but you’re on a really tight student budget? Well, The RcLifeOn YouTube channel created an ingenious way to cool yourself without spending much. All you need is an empty milk carton, a computer fan, hot glue, soldering tools, and creativity.

Source: YouTube

This video demonstrates step by step instructions on how to create a DIY air conditioner using household items and soldering tools. You’re going to cut a hole that’s the same size as your computer -fan, glue the fan into place, then wire it up to a battery or 12-volt AC adaptor. Once the carton is filled with ice and the fan is turned on, cool air will begin to come out from the opening.

This may not really cool your entire home, but it’ll help you survive a hot day in your dorm room.

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Make the Simplest Air Conditioner Out of a Milk Carton

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