Hyperloop Hotel Combines Transport and Accommodation In One Luxury Travel Capsule

Travel through cities in style

Travelling could be really complicated, tiring, time consuming, and expensive. First you have to book your train, bus, or plane ticket. Then you have to wait in line for your flight or ride to begin boarding. Then, you have to sit through the travel for some time until you reach your destination. Finally, you have to book a hotel once you finally arrive. It’s exhausting, especially if our goal to travel in the first place was to relax. Now, imagine if all that hassle was gone, as the booking, travel, and accommodation were all combined in one.

Well, that’s exactly what Brandan Siebrecht, a graduate student from the University of Nevada, had proposed. It’s a Hyperloop Hotel, and it got him a Radical Innovation award.

Source: CNN Travel

We all know what Hyperloops are. They call themselves the “Broadband for transportation.” And it’s true. Once this technology finally gets built, we can achieve land transportation at speeds we have never seen outside of air flight before.

So Siebrecht thought about using it not just for transportation, but for accommodation as well. The concept is basically refurbishing an entire Hyperloop capsule into a luxury hotel room, to allow passengers to travel with comfort. Not only will travelers not need to buy individual tickets for the journey to and from, but they’ll also no longer need to book a hotel separately.

Source: CNN Travel

The result is a hotel design that could practically revolutionize the hospitality industry. He’ll just have to wait for the Hyperloop system to finally be finished, which researchers estimate will be done by 2020.

“Collectively, the jury was truly blown away by Brandan’s concept, Hyperloop Hotel,” commented John Hardy, founder of Radical Innovation and CEO of The John Hardy Group, in an interview with CNN Travel. “Hyperloop Hotel has the ability to disrupt the way we live entirely, beyond the hospitality industry. Radical Innovation exists to help bring these types of ideas to fruition.”

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Hyperloop Hotel Combines Transport and Accommodation In One Luxury Travel Capsule

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