This iPhone Upgrade Gadget Turns Your iPhone Into A Portable Gaming Device

“It’s about time this thing existed” gamers cry in the distance, wiping the tears falling from their eyes

Over the past few years, mobile touchscreen gaming has been on a rise. New mobile games come out every day with a bunch of them becoming big hits, ranging from simple “tap your screen” games to more complex MMO-styled apps.

However, most gamers, especially those long-time ones who are used to gaming on the PC or consoles, are left with lukewarm feelings when it comes to playing on iPhones. Yes, the games may be addicting, but it never seems to match up with the immersion and experience that comes with playing on a controller. Add to that the fact that iPhone’s touch sensitivity can be really annoying, especially when you accidentally tap on something you’re not supposed to. Ugh.

Well, worry no more! All of these problems can be solved with Gamevice, a hardware upgrade for your iPhone that lets you use it as if it were a console controller.

Source: Hands-on Gamevice

Just slide the left and right segments of Gamevice to fit onto whatever version of iPhone you have and you’ve got yourself a handy, robust controller that’s MFi-Certified, so it’ll always be able to connect to your device.

It has 2 analog thumbsticks, standard action buttons, shoulder triggers, and a D-pad, which allows it to be compatible with hundreds of games over the Gamevice Live iOS app.

Here’s a video unboxing and demonstrating the Gamevice accessory, showing off its cool features:

Source: Youtube, Confident Gamers

You can buy the device Online at Gamevice’s official website or at the Apple Online store for $99.95

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This iPhone Upgrade Gadget Turns Your iPhone Into A Portable Gaming Device

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