Motor Oil Debate: Should You Go Synthetic?

A lot of factors determine how effective motor oils are and here’s an explanation why synthetic might just be better for your vehicle.

Motor oil debate

There’s a lot of talk whether synthetic motor oil is better than your conventional one. A lot of debate has been going on on the interwebs for a long time but a video from Engineering Explained might just convince you to go synthetic for your motor needs.

Jason Fenke from the YouTube channel Engineering Explained showed a brief explanation of how synthetic motor oils might just be better than your conventional oils when it comes to long term use and how an oil’s viscosity could affect your vehicle for longer terms.

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Fenke described the viscosity of synthetic motor oil to be more efficient over time as compared to conventional oils. The video depicted a viscosity test which showed that used synthetic oil have a similar thickness with a new one while used conventional motor oil became too thick as compared to a new one.

The video below explains this concept in detail and might help you better understand why synthetic could be a better choice for your vehicle’s engine.

Source: Engineering Explained via YouTube

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Motor Oil Debate: Should You Go Synthetic?

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