CHINT Appears in MSCI Equity Index

Morgan Stanley Capital International announced the result of semi-annual index review for the MSCI equity indexes. CHINT, bank of Ningbo, Hikvision, and other 14 Zhejiang shares appear on this list. It is an important symbol of Chinese A-share market internationalization, which will attract the participation of the powerful international institutional investors.

MSCI index is an index compiled by Morgan Stanley capital international to track the performance of concept stocks, which is the most adopted benchmark index by portfolio managers with great global influence. The A-shares can bring into MSCI owing to great business model and great corporate governance, which is recognized by global market and is regarded as one of the world’s top companies.

Since its listing in 2010, CHINT has laid the foundation to MSCI with its stable financial indicators, continuously improving profitability and good development prospects. In 2017, CHINT’s operating income and net profit belonging to shareholders of listed companies were ¥23.417 billion and ¥2.840 billion respectively with an increase of 16.13 % and 29.98 % respectively. Compared with 2011’s 8.288 billion and 824 million, it can be seen the strong growth achieved by CHINT. For CHINT, this opportunity to MSCI can continuously improve the company’s industrial chain of various links, furthermore the core competitiveness  and upgrade itself from a single equipment manufacturing company to an integrated energy conglomerate including manufacture, operation, and management, which is committed to providing intelligent energy solutions.


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Visit their website to learn about their innovative electrical products and solutions for renewable energy, power generation, transmission and distribution.

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CHINT Appears in MSCI Equity Index

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