Grid-Linked Solar Generation Capacity in India Exceeds 5,000 MW Mark

India aims 175,000 MW from solar generation and other renewable sources

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As of January 15, the total grid-connected solar power generation capacity in India has grossed to 5,129.81 MW, as reported by the Ministry of New and Renewable Energy.

The following are the leading grid-connected capacity according to state:

  • Rajasthan – 1,264.35 MW
  • Gujarat – 1,024.15 MW
  • Madhya Pradesh – 678.58 MW
  • Tamil Nadu – 418.94 MW
  • Maharashtra – 378.7 MW
  • Andhra Pradesg – 357.34 MW
  • Telangana – 342.39 MW
  • Punjab – 200.32 MW
  • Uttar Pradesg – 140 MW

However, there are states that need to step up their capacity:

  • West Bengal – 7.21 MW
  • Uttarakhand – 5 MW
  • Haryana – 12.8 MW
Solar power in India
Solar power in India

Indian government aims to have 175,000 MW of power generation capacity from renewable sources, including 100,000 MW from solar and 60,000 from wind, by 2022.  There is still a long way to go, but given the circumstances there is a silver lining.

Under the National Solar Mission, the government increased the solar power generation capacity addition target by five times to 100 GW last year.

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Grid-Linked Solar Generation Capacity in India Exceeds 5,000 MW Mark

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