Engineering Startup Built One Board for All Seasons and on All Surfaces

These engineers created a skateboard capable for use on all surfaces and at all seasons.

Skateboarding is a thrilling activity. There’s no doubt about it. What’s irritating, though, is that we need a different board for different surfaces and seasons. For example, we need a regular skateboard for the pavements and another one for the snowy slopes and so on. Somebody ought to do something about it, right? Well, somebody did and that somebody is Seasons, a Colorado engineering startup.

The aim of these guys is pretty simple and one we love. They want us to stop changing our boards for every other surface and season. Instead, they want to use only one. Sounds interesting, wouldn’t you say?

Engineering Startup (Source: Seasons)

The main question raised by these guys is: Why do we need only wheels? In order to prove that longboards can have more than just wheels, they ended up creating quiver boards that serve all functions adequately. Their boards can be used in all seasons without a hitch. They created them in such a way that they can navigate over all kinds of surfaces. In other words, the board won’t get in the way of stopping you from having a blast. For that, we skateboarders give a hearty applause!

Engineering Startup (Source: Seasons)

In order to ensure the functionality of the decks irrespective of the presence or absence of wheels, the guys simply kicked traditional construction methods out the window. Instead, they opted for materials that you won’t usually see in a deck such as metal and polymer. These materials help in the cross-sport capabilities.

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Engineering Startup (Source: Seasons Boards)

So far, Seasons has come up with decks that function as both skateboards and snowboards. Other combos such as sand-water and skate-wake are coming soon. There might even be combos with a surf board. They hope to make an all-in-one solution but that’s a tall order considering each sport requires the use of specific materials and geometrics.

Well, we’re hoping they can figure it out as it will be a kickass deck for sure.

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Engineering Startup Built One Board for All Seasons and on All Surfaces

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